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South African court partially bans display of 'apartheid flag'

Johannesburg court rules that gratuitously displaying the flag amounts to 'hate speech' and 'harassment'.Read More

Activists hail Qatar withdrawal from pro-China text over Uighurs

Doha last month reportedly informed UN of decision to remove name from letter defending Beijing's policies in Xinjiang.Read More

Amazon burning: NGOs dispute Bolsonaro's claim they started fires

Rights groups call Brazilian president's unfounded claim 'sick' and 'pitiful' as fires rage on in parts of Amazon.Read More

Two US soldiers killed in Afghanistan

In brief statement, NATO says the two US service members were 'killed in action'. Read More

Saudi-UAE led coalition killed 47 Yemen fishermen in 2018: HRW

Seven children among those killed in five attacks carried out by the coalition last year, Human Rights Watch says.Read More

Italy opposition open to coalition talks with rival Five Star

Amid political crisis, Democratic Party sets out conditions for possible deal with Five Star to stave off early vote.Read More

Baffled Danes mock Trump after he scraps trip over Greenland

Many Danes, including politicians, condemn Trump after he cancels visit following Denmark's refusal to sell island.Read More

Jews tweet 'disloyal to Trump' after Trump calls them disloyal

Trump doubles down on remarks, saying "if you want to vote Democrat, you're being disloyal to Jewish people and Israel".Read More

Trump administration moves to end limits on child detention

Immigrant advocates decry move, saying prolonged detention would traumatise immigrant children. Read More

Presidents of Rwanda and Uganda sign pact to ease tensions

The East African neighbours have accused each other of espionage and meddling in an escalating standoff. Read More

Abdalla Hamdok: Who is Sudan's next prime minister?

Appointment of veteran economist signals intention to address Sudan's chronic economic problems.Read More

New ruling body ushers in Sudan's complex shift to civilian rule

Top general sworn in as leader of a military-civilian body that will rule Sudan during a three-year transition period. Read More

Open Arms rescue ship faces $1m fine from Spain

The Open Arms saga has not ended with the Italian prosecutor's order to bring the scores of rescued people ashore.Read More

Deadline extended for unregistered Syrians to leave Istanbul

Turkish minister says Syrians in Istanbul have until October 30 to return to cities where they were first registered.Read More

Trump cancels visit to Denmark after PM rejects sale of Greenland

US president was scheduled to hold talks with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.Read More

Redefining 'terrorism' in America

What will it take to call violence inspired by white supremacy 'terrorism'? Read More

India accused of indiscriminately shelling in Pakistan's Kashmir

Pakistan and India trade blame for ceasefire violations, but civilians are suffering most.Read More

Qatar to build 'reusable' FIFA World Cup stadium

Once completed, it will be the first FIFA World Cup stadium that can be fully dismantled.Read More

The political impotence of the Muslim American community

Today prominent Muslim American figures and organisations stifle the spirit of political resistance in our community.Read More

Calls for crackdown on illegal eel smuggling from Europe

Legal eel farmers in Europe are pushing for a clampdown on gangs smuggling the fish to Asia in massive quantitiesRead More

Thousands sign up for Brexit beach party in Netherlands

Organiser says the event will be like 'saying goodbye to a good friend who you hope will return sometime'.Read More

India revokes Kashmir's special status: All the latest updates

Two people, including a police officer, killed in a gun battle between armed rebels and soldiers in Baramulla district.Read More

India floods: Monsoon rains destroy homes and farms

One MP says more preventive measures are needed to help save lives and property.Read More

UK to rip up EU 'freedom of movement' rules

Confusion reigns after officials announce end to migration on day one of Brexit.Read More

Pakistan asks UN to remove Priyanka Chopra as goodwill ambassador

Pakistan calls on UNICEF to remove the Indian actress as goodwill ambassador, accusing her of supporting a nuclear war.Read More