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Venezuela in crisis: All the latest updates

Venezuela engulfed in a major crisis amid the escalating international battle over Nicolas Maduro's presidency. Read More

Vatican summit: Church files on paedophile priests 'destroyed'

Cardinal tells key Vatican summit that files on priests who sexually abused children were destroyed or never compiled.Read More

Sudan's Bashir reshuffles top team amid state of emergency

Omar al-Bashir names new VP and prime minister in wake of months of protests demanding his removal.Read More

Votes being counted in Nigeria's delayed vote

Nigerian officials begin counting vote after a bitter election campaign with results expected to be announced next week.Read More

Voters prepare for presidential elections in Senegal

President Macky Sall is widely expected to win reelection after two of his two rivals were barred from running.Read More

Bootleg liquor kills over 100 in India's Assam state

The victims are mostly tea plantation workers from Golaghat and Jorhat districts of the northeastern Indian state.Read More

Anwar Ibrahim on the 1MDB scandal and Malaysia's future

Anwar talks about reentering politics, Najib Razak and the 1MDB scandal, and his hopes for Malaysia's future.Read More

Will Brexit push Cambodia into economic crisis?

As the UK prepares to leave the EU, we look at Brexit's potential effect on Southeast Asian economies.Read More

Has the decade-old war on drugs in Asia succeeded?

Data shows that brutal anti-drug policies have failed to curb drug trade and use across Asia.Read More

Hebron massacre: Palestinians mark anniversary of settler attack

Palestinians at the West Bank are commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre in Hebron.Read More

Saudi crown prince defends China's right to fight 'terrorism'

Activists say MBS' support for China's 'anti-terrorism' measures is tacit approval of crackdown on Uighur Muslims.Read More

Climate change: Teenage environmentalists protest in Paris

Greta Thunberg's campaign in September gained traction across the world.Read More

Venezuela closes Colombia border as aid dispute turns deadly

Troops fire tear gas at crowds attempting to cross Colombia border ahead of US-backed effort to bring in aid.Read More

Philippines foreign minister under fire over Nazi comments

Teodoro Locsin Jr says murder of Jews in Germany was a 'historical fact', describes Duterte's comments as a 'metaphor'.Read More

Saudi sisters trapped in Hong Kong fear deportation

Two sisters say they fear dramatic repercussions, from forced marriage to death, if sent back to Saudi Arabia.Read More

Algeria: Dozens arrested in protests against Bouteflika

More than 40 people arrested in protests against President Abdelaziz Bouteflika seeking a fifth term, authorities say.Read More

Mexico's president to choose head of force

The opposition fears the president's will go back on his promise to appoint a civilian as the leader.Read More

Senegal presidential candidates appeal to female voters

A majority of eligible voters are female, and candidates have made their issues a priority in the campaign.Read More

Germany 'seeks extradition' of Syria's Jamil Hassan from Lebanon

Head of Syria's Air Force Intelligence Directorate, General Jamil Hassan, reportedly admitted to hospital in Lebanon.Read More

Confessions of a private spy

I work for a private intel firm. Here is what my life is like.Read More

Vietnam briefly detains Trump and Kim impersonators

Howard X and Russell White were questioned by police in Hanoi after they spoke to a local TV station.Read More

Nigeria elections: Buhari seeks second term in delayed polls

Tight race predicted between President Buhari and opposition leader Abubakar, after week-long delay over security fears.Read More

Narratives of rage and revenge in India

Talk of war on the Indian airwaves after a bombing in Kashmir. Plus, journalism and justice in Northern Ireland.Read More

The view from Italy: How Brexit is viewed on the streets of Rome

From calls for Italy to quit the EU to worries about Brexit's impact on ordinary people, Italians share their opinions.Read More

North Korea's Kim Jong Un to make official visit to Vietnam

North Korean leader expected to arrive on February 25 or 26, amid tight security measures.Read More