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Lebanon's Safadi withdraws PM candidacy: Report

Former finance minister releases statement, withdrawing candidacy to be Lebanon's next prime minister, reports said.Read More

Catalan leader Quim Torra: 'Independence of Catalonia will come'

President of the regional government of Catalonia debates Spain's recent election and violent pro-independence protests.Read More

Several civilians killed in eastern DRC by rebel fighters

Allied Democratic Forces behind the massacre of at least 15 people in eastern DR Congo, local officials say.Read More

The situation in Bolivia will get worse before it gets better

The violent ways of the opposition which took power from Evo Morales threaten the future of Bolivia's democracy.Read More

On Velvet Revolution anniversary, Czech protesters ask PM to quit

Over 200,000 people gather in capital Prague to demand Prime Minister Andrej Babis' resignation over corruption charges.Read More

Paris police, protesters clash on 'yellow vest' anniversary

Demonstration in French capital turns violent as protesters rally for one year anniversary of 'yellow vest' movement.Read More

UK Prince Andrew speaks out on Epstein relationship

Speaking to the BBC, he regretted his relationship with the late convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein.Read More

Israel-Gaza ceasefire continues to hold

A shaky ceasefire has been tested after two rockets were fired towards an Israeli town and Israeli warplanes struck Hamas targets in Gaza in response.Read More

Polls close in Sri Lanka's critical presidential election

Results of the vote, held amid heightened religious tensions and stuttering economy, expected to be announced on Sunday.Read More

Infographic: Sri Lanka presidential election 2019

The South Asian island nation set to elect new president amid security and economic concerns.Read More

UK parties heat up online election campaigns

As political parties fight for undecided UK voters ahead of next month's general election, they are increasingly turning to online platforms.Read More

Iran protests spike over fuel price rise

At least one person has been killed in protests after the price of fuel increased by up to 200 percent.Read More

Guinea protests turn deadly yet again

Thousands demonstrate against proposed constitutional amendments, which they say would allow President Alpha Conde to run for a third term.Read More

Deadly car bomb blasts rip through bus terminal in Syria's al-Bab

At least 18 people killed and many more wounded after two vehicles exploded in northern Syrian border town.Read More

China's PLA soldiers on Hong Kong streets in 'voluntary' clean-up

PLA troops leave Hong Kong garrison amid intensifying protests over Beijing's role in the semi-autonomous territory.Read More

Sri Lanka election: Voting closes in tight presidential race

National security has been a key issue in the campaign after the Easter bombings that killed hundreds of people.Read More

Lebanon protests over lack of electricity

Proper power supply, which has been lacking since 1975, is one of the demands of the country's anti-government demonstrators.Read More

Sri Lankans vote to elect new president after divisive campaign

Shortly before polls open, gunmen fire on buses carrying mainly Muslim voters but no casualties are reported.Read More

Foreigners caught in Libya's Tripoli crossfire

Foreigners left with a stark choice - they can stay in Tripoli and risk their lives because of conflict, or they can head home to potential poverty.Read More

One killed as protests erupt after Iran hikes petrol prices

Demonstrations erupt after authorities announce surprise decision to ration petrol and raise prices by 50 percent.Read More

Zimbabwe doctors' strike: Hundreds fired

A warning to doctors on strike in Zimbabwe: 'Go back to work or you risk being fired.'Read More

What is behind the boom in e-commerce in China's rural areas?

How thousands of Chinese villages have benefitted from the boom in online shopping.Read More

Sri Lanka election: Observers report poll day violations

At least 139 violations, including two cases of assault and 41 of intimidation, reported by midday on Saturday. Read More

Ukraine: Can Zelenskyy drain corruption swamps?

The impeachment process in the US has focused Ukrainians attention on their country's long history of corruption.Read More

Arab Twitter: A tool for #freespeech or #surveillance?

From a Saudi spy scandal to suspicious account closures: Twitter in the Arab world. Plus, 'red media' in Taiwan.Read More