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US defence chief in Afghanistan to help revive stalled talks

Esper tells reporters that he believes the US can reduce its forces without hurting the 'counter-terrorism' fight.Read More

DRC bus skids off highway, bursts into flames leaving 30 dead

More than 100 people were on board the bus travelling to the capital, Kinshasa when its brakes failed, passenger says.Read More

India, Pakistan trade barbs over deadly Kashmir clash

Several soldiers and civilians killed on both sides, as India and Pakistan blame one another for 'unprovoked' firing.Read More

Conflicting narratives about Turkey-Syria border

How Erdogan's government looks at southern frontier and media outlets report on Turkey's military operation.Read More

Canada elections: More diversity at polls

There is a record number of ethnically diverse candidates running in Tuesday's general election in Canada.Read More

Bolivia election: Voters cast ballots amid climate of uncertainty

President Morales seeks a controversial fourth term in an election marked by a heated campaign, protests and strikes.Read More

Trump reverses plan to host G7 summit at his golf resort

Trump faced accusations he was using presidency to enrich himself by hosting summit at his private resort.Read More

Brexit: UK gov't 'has means and ability' to leave EU by Oct 31

Key government officials confident PM Johnson has the numbers to pass his Brexit deal through Parliament.Read More

Indonesia's President Joko Widodo sworn in for final term

Oath ceremony in Jakarta takes place under heavy security as Widodo starts his second term with a series of challenges.Read More

Syrian female plumbers break taboos in Jordan

Why refugee women in Jordan have had to learn to be plumbers.Read More

War-torn South Sudan struggles to rebuild

Nine years after independence, and after nearly six years of conflict, South Sudanese call for faster implementation of peace deal.Read More

Lebanese continue protests, demand government to fix economy

Demonstrators are protesting for the fourth day against dire economic conditions in the heavily indebted country.Read More

Bangladesh says thousands of Rohingya agree relocation to island

Rights groups have warned the island might not be able to withstand violent storms during the annual monsoon season.Read More

'Hong Kong is my home': Protesters defy police, set up roadblocks

Police fire tear gas as demonstrators press calls for accountability and political rights.Read More

Bolivia election: Tight race for incumbent Morales

Carlos Mesa could win a protest vote, ending Evo Morales's near 14-year grip on power in Bolivia.Read More

Lebanon is experiencing a social revolution

The protests may not lead to political change, but they have already transcended Lebanon's traditional social divides.Read More

Kurdish forces agree to withdraw from Turkey-Syria border

SDF official says forces will pull back 30km from the border in accordance with deal once Turkey lifts siege.Read More

Afghan preliminary vote results delayed due to 'technical issues'

About 2.7 million of Afghanistan's 9.6 million registered voters cast ballots in the September 28 first-round poll.Read More

The little-known story of Russia's worst sporting tragedy

On October 20, 1982, football fans were crushed to death at Moscow's Luzhniki stadium, an event the Soviets censored.Read More

Argentina’s Macri rallies 'angry’ voters

Argentina's President Mauricio Macri has appealed to voters for their backing in the upcoming general election during a mass rally in Buenos Aires.Read More

Three dead after Santiago supermarket set on fire amid riots

Supermarket is ransacked and set ablaze as violent clashes between protesters and security forces continue.Read More

Qantas tests 19-hour New York-Sydney route

A direct flight from New York to Australia has touched down in Sydney, as part of Qantas's attempts to push the limits of commercial flight.Read More

Ministers resign after third day of protests in Lebanon

Tens of thousands demand a sweeping overhaul of Lebanon's political system, citing a wide range of grievances.Read More

Police free nearly 150 from school in northern Nigeria

Fourth such operation in a month brings the total released from religious schools in north Nigeria to more than 1,000.Read More

What is the solution to Lebanon's economic and political crisis?

Protesters are calling for their leaders to resign citing high unemployment, electricity shortages and corruption.Read More