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Brexit deal: All the latest updates

New Brexit deal brokered between Britain and the European Union will be put to UK parliament on Saturday.Read More

Ex Catalan leader Puigdemont turns himself in 'voluntarily'

Puigdemont has handed himself in to Belgian justice authorities after Spain issued a new warrant for his arrest.Read More

CPJ official Steven Butler denied entry into Pakistan

Asia head of media watchdog deported from Lahore because he was on a 'stop list', Committee to Protect Journalists said.Read More

Commuter plane crash on Alaska island critically injures two

Peninsula Airways said that two passengers were critically injured and 10 others were receiving medical care.Read More

Turkey's military operation in Syria: All the latest updates

Ankara agreed to suspend its offensive for five days to allow the Kurds to withdraw from the Turkey-Syria border.Read More

Has South Africa's ruling party betrayed Mandela's legacy?

South African politician Baleka Mbete on corruption, xenophobia and whether the ANC has lived up to its promises.Read More

Bangladesh troops kill Indian guard in fishing row at border

Bangladesh border forces fire 'in self-defence' after Indian guards attempted to secure release of detained fisherman.Read More

Turkey's military operation in Syria: All the latest updates

Ankara agrees to suspend its offensive for five days to allow the Kurds to withdraw from the Turkey-Syria border. Read More

US diplomats told to downplay release of Ukraine aid: Emails

White House dismisses criticism of Trump's phone call with Ukrainian counterpart in latest move in impeachment saga.Read More

Protests over taxes threaten Lebanon's political establishment

Leader of a major party suggests prime minister should join him in resigning as massive demonstrations rock the country.Read More

Thai opposition leader Thanathorn in court over media shares case

Battery of legal woes threatens electoral success of popular politician seen as threat to ruling military bloc.Read More

Ethiopia plane crash: Kenyan victims buried in home towns

Boeing admits faulty sensor caused 737-Max to crash and has paid compensation to victims' families.Read More

Gun battle thwarts Mexico attempt to arrest son of 'El Chapo'

Gunfire in western city of Culiacan left blazing vehicles strewn across streets and sent residents running for safety.Read More

Yasukuni: caught in controversy as Japan struggles with history

As Yasukuni marks 150 years since it was founded, the decision to enshrine war criminals casts a shadow over the shrine.Read More

Doubts over fate of Boris Johnson's Brexit deal

Northern Ireland's DUP say they will not accept Boris Johnson's deal with the European Union.Read More

New Zealand plans armed police patrols after Christchurch attack

Armed units to patrol in three areas starting on October 28 on six-month trial in response to mosque attacks in March.Read More

Protests erupt in Lebanon over plans to impose new taxes

Lebanese government plans to impose new taxes on tobacco, gasoline and some social media platforms, including WhatsApp.Read More

WH admits strings attached in Trump withholding Ukraine aid

Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney links delay in Ukraine aid linked to DOJ investigation of 2016 election. Read More

Chicago teachers' strike: Thousands hit the picket lines over pay

Teachers in the US's third-largest school district stop work over wages, lack of resources and other issues.Read More

Trump says Energy Secretary Perry resigning at end of year

Rick Perry is under scrutiny over the role he played in the president's dealings with Ukraine. Read More

Violence sows fear among women ahead of Colombia local elections

Observers say female candidates systematically threatened with physical, sexual violence to deter them from running.Read More

US senators to move 'full steam ahead' with Turkey sanctions

Senators Graham and Van Hollen say they will continue to push for sanctions on Turkey despite ceasefire announcement. Read More

US, Turkey agree on Turkish ceasefire with Syrian Kurds

US vice president says Ankara agreed to a five-day ceasefire in Syria to allow Kurdish forces to withdraw.Read More

Meet the grandparents of Extinction Rebellion

Defying a London-wide ban on Extinction Rebellion protests, grandparents are calling for action on climate change.Read More

Full text of Turkey, US statement on northeast Syria

Turkey agrees to halt its offensive in northeast Syria to allow Kurdish forces to withdraw - here's the full statement Read More