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Coronavirus deaths rise but signs of progress seen: Live updates

Death toll nears 100,000 but more than 350,000 have recovered; number of hospitalisations drops in some US states.Read More

How long will coronavirus lockdowns, travel bans last?

World faces 'uphill battle' in fight against coronavirus pandemic as new hot spots emerge. Read More

Boris Johnson out of intensive care as UK's economic issues mount

The UK is approaching its coronavirus peak, but questions are being raised about financing crisis mitigation plans.Read More

Climate change activists test strict Singapore protest laws

Young people questioned by police after sharing photos of themselves criticising oil companies on social media.Read More

Coronavirus is disproportionately killing African Americans

Early data from the US coronavirus pandemic exposes how systemic racism and inequality put minority groups at risk.Read More

US churches confront coronavirus restrictions for Easter

As local governments prohibit large gatherings, churches turn to streaming services and drive-in movie theatres. Read More

Italy closed its ports to NGOs, but boats keep on arriving

New arrivals are not deterred by Italy's coronavirus lockdown; if weather conditions are good, they take their chances.Read More

UK coronavirus toll jumps as Johnson leaves ICU: Live updates

UK PM remains in hospital as country's death toll rises by 881 to 7,978 and confirmed cases worldwide top 1.5 million.Read More

Canada lifts suspension of arms exports to Saudi Arabia

Ottawa says renegotiation of contract will secure 'jobs of thousands of Canadians' but activists accuse it of hypocrisy.Read More

Timeline: How the new coronavirus spread

The virus has killed more than 90,000 people and infected at least 1.5 million worldwide.Read More

UK presses ahead with points-based immigration plan amid pandemic

Shortcomings of the Conservatives' plan for points-based immigration system exposed by COVID-19 crisis, opponents say.Read More

One hundred Italian doctors have died of coronavirus

Doctors said being asked to fight the coronavirus pandemic without adequate protective equipment was 'not a fair fight'.Read More

Dozens buried on NY Hart Island a day as coronavirus deaths surge

NYC has used the island to bury those with no next of kin or whose families can not arrange a funeral since the 1800s.Read More

Uganda's Museveni releases indoor workout video amid lockdown

President Yoweri Museveni has banned outdoor exercise to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.Read More

Battle over voting by mail upends US's 'coronavirus election'

Voting rights advocates believe the pandemic will significantly impact how many people turn out in upcoming elections.Read More

Coronavirus: Which countries have confirmed cases?

Over 1.49 million infections are confirmed in at least 184 countries and territories, including more than 88,000 deaths.Read More

Will the Saudi-UAE-led coalition's ceasefire hold in Yemen?

The Saudi-UAE-led coalition battling the Houthi rebels in Yemen begins a two-week truce due to coronavirus pandemic.Read More

Chadian troops 'kill 1,000 Boko Haram fighters' in Lake Chad

Chad's army says it lost 52 troops during the operation against Boko Haram.Read More

In Zimbabwe, lack of tests sparks fear COVID-19 goes undetected

Medics, opposition politicians and activists sound alarm over shortage of test kits and infrastructure challenges.Read More

How many coronavirus cases does each US state have?

The US now has the most coronavirus cases in the world. As testing continues, the number is expected to rapidly climb. Read More

Coronavirus: Travel restrictions, border shutdowns by country

Countries around the world have taken drastic measures, including border closures, in an attempt to curb COVID-19.Read More

Lockdowns, closures: How is each US state handling coronavirus?

Some states are taking sweeping action while others are taking a limited approach. Here is a breakdown, state by state. Read More

'Week of heartache': US coronavirus deaths top 15,000

Grim totals come as NY, other states see drop in hospitalisations, a sign social distancing, other measures are working.Read More

How US cancer patients are navigating new coronavirus anxiety

Doctors must weigh risks of not doing surgeries, treatment with what coronavirus threat may mean if they do. Read More

Syria condemns 'misleading' chemical arms watchdog report

EU mulls expanding sanctions on Damascus, following report blaming Syrian government for toxic attacks in 2017.Read More