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Boko Haram threatens civilians' lives in Niger

Boko Haram and its affiliated groups have been waging war against the Nigerian government since 2009.Read More

UN: Afghan pro-gov't forces killed more than 300 civilians

UN says the leading cause of civilian deaths was air attacks, the majority by the US military.Read More

Mass funerals mark Sri Lanka's day of mourning

As Sri Lanka buries its dead, grief turns to anger amid reports that authorities were warned about possible attacks.Read More

Bombings intelligence row exposes tension in Sri Lanka government

Defence minister says there was a 'major lapse' in intelligence sharing and attacks 'could have been avoided'.Read More

UN rights chief condemns 'shocking' Saudi mass executions

Michelle Bachelet joins rights groups in condemning Saudi Arabia's beheading of 37 men over terrorism charges. Read More

Iran's Zarif warns US of 'consequences' over oil sanctions

Foreign minister defiant over US move to stem Islamic Republic's oil revenue stream by ending sanctions waivers.Read More

Waiting for justice: 1.9 million Pakistan cases pending

Cases in Pakistan can sometimes take years if not longer so the government is setting up a new system of model courts.Read More

Sri Lanka bombings: All the latest updates

Sirisena requests resignations of defence secretary, inspector general of police over failure to act on threat warnings.Read More

15 killed in huge blast in northwest Syria

Thirteen civilians were among the dead in the massive explosion, the cause of which was not immediately clear.Read More

Ukrainians fear measles vaccination as infection rate rises

Ukraine has most measles infections globally with its low vaccination rate and widespread scepticism over its efficacy.Read More

'Attack against humanity': Church bombing shakes Batticaloa

Residents of multiethnic Batticaloa town in Sri Lanka grieve for church attack victims as faith leaders call for unity. Read More

They worked in torrid heat for Exxon, Shell and Walmart, for free

'I can't fathom this being legitimate,' a former US Labor Department investigator says of a drug rehab's work programme.Read More

Recovering from Rehab: Work-based Therapy in the US

Investigating US drug rehab centres where recovery through work is promised but exploitation of labour is the reality.Read More

Syrian refugees use art to keep their culture alive

How Syrian refugees are preserving their history and culture under threat by years of war.Read More

Casablanca Fight Club

A parking attendant and former champion runs a boxing school for youngsters dreaming of being the next Rocky.Read More

Algeria: Billionaire brothers placed in temporary custody

The three Kouninef brothers were arrested on Monday as part of an anti-graft drive.Read More

Rosia Montana: Seeds of utopia in town almost lost to gold mining

Hope and unease in fertile Romanian village, six years after protests halted plans for Europe's largest gold mine.Read More

Powerful cyclone is barrelling towards northern Mozambique

Cyclone Kenneth is on track to be the second major weather system to hit storm-ravaged Mozambique in just over a month.Read More

Israeli army razes West Bank home of slain Palestinian attacker

Omar Abu Laila, 19, was killed last month two days after he was suspected of carrying out a stabbing attack. Read More

More than 50 dead in South Africa after heavy rains

Rescue workers were digging through collapsed homes and other buildings in coastal areas of KwaZulu-Natal province.Read More

China, Russia abstain from UN vote on sexual violence in conflict

China, Russia abstain from UN vote on sexual violence in conflict while body caves in to US pressure.Read More

Pakistan's Cyril Almeida named IPI's World Press Freedom Hero

Journalist Almeida has been at the centre of a marked increase in attacks on media freedom in the South Asian country.Read More

US offers $10m reward for information on Hezbollah's finances

US offers millions for information on how Hezbollah in Lebanon gets its money but fears grow over destabilising effect.Read More

Japan’s Abe apologises to victims of forced sterilisation

Government also promises to compensate tens of thousands of people sterilised to prevent 'poor-quality descendants'. Read More

'Marsquake': NASA's InSight detects likely tremor on Mars

The breakthrough came nearly five months after InSight touched down on the surface of Mars on a seismological mission.Read More